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About Me

Hello, I’m Lyda – Your Partner in Transformation

Bridging the Gap Between Dreams and Reality

As a dedicated practitioner of Reiki, tapping, and coaching, my passion lies in helping individuals like you navigate life’s twists and turns, creating meaningful change and unlocking your true potential. With a background deeply rooted in holistic healing and personal development, I bring a unique blend of expertise to guide you towards a balanced, harmonious life.


Embrace the Power of Holistic Healing


Balance Your Mind, Body, & Soul. With the gentle touch of Reiki, we’ll align your energy centers and promote deep relaxation, facilitating your body’s natural healing abilities.


Rewire & Reset Your Nervous System. Through the art of tapping, we’ll address emotional blockages and release negative thought patterns, paving the way for positive change and growth.


Redesign Your Subconscious Mind. Guided by personalized coaching, we’ll navigate your journey together, setting goals, overcoming challenges, and celebrating your victories along the way.

Your Journey Starts Here. Unveiling the 12-Session Transformation

Are you ready to experience a real transformation? Introducing my signature 12-session program – a powerful fusion of Reiki, tapping, and coaching that’s tailored to create lasting change in your life. Whether you’re seeking clarity, aiming to release blockages, or striving for personal growth, these sessions are designed to bring about tangible results.


The Benefits of Self Healing

Self Love & Acceptance

Truly falling inlove & accepting yourself exacly as you are


Knowing & feeling confident & supported throughout your journey. 

Stress Relief

Significantly reduces stress and anxiety while improving mood.

Relax & Refresh

Being able to surrender & trusting that you are fully supported.  

Feeling Love & Happiness

Being able to step into your days feeling satisfied with yourself and others. 

Connecting with Mind, Body, & Soul

Release emotional pain, self limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts.


A word from my customers

“Every time I see Lyda, I leave feeling lighter. Her positivity and warmth as she has guided me through my healing journey has been transformative. I look forward to every session with her and am so thankful to have her with me on this journey”

“I have been getting tapping and reiki from Lyda for the past year. She genuinely cares about people and helped me tremendously with my life. We worked through my inner child and letting go of things that no longer served me as well as some breathing techniques to practice daily. Lyda is excellent at what she does, her compassion and empathy stretched far beyond what anyone can see. I truly elevated in all aspect of my life especially my spiritual practice, emotional and mental health. Lyda connected all the dots that I have been missing and brought clarity in my life by being a great listener and an amazing friend.”

“Lyda has made such a difference in my way of life over the past few months! Not only does she heal but she teaches as well and I find myself constantly using the tools I have been given through reiki and coaching with her. As someone who was previously a “nonbeliever” I am 100% converted and highly recommend trying a new method of treatment!”