Dr. Lyda Kermani Transformational Sanctuary

Experience a haven of tranquility where ancient practices meet modern healing. Discover the profound impact of Acupuncture, EFT Tapping, and Reiki, guiding you toward a life of balance, clarity, and abundance.

Our Healing Phylosopy

Our unique combination of Acupuncture, EFT Tapping, and Reiki offers a comprehensive approach to healing, ensuring that both physical and emotional aspects are addressed for complete well-being

Feel limitless and empowered.

Embrace confidence, abundance, love, and acceptance.

Find calm and clarity in everyday life.

Connect deeply with your true self and trusting your intuition.

Make healthy decisions and set strong boundaries.

Achieve mental and physical well-being.

Our Techniques


Restoring Balance and Harmony

• Anxiety and Stress
• Infertility and Hormone Imbalance
• Pain Management
• Digestion Issues
• Depression
• Allergies
• Insomnia
• Immune Support


Transforming Beliefs and Emotions

• Emotional Management
• Pain Relief
• Self-Worth and Abundance
• Toxic Relationships
• Forgiveness and Self-Love


Balancing Energy for Transformation

• Emotional Regulation
• Mental Clarity
• Self-Worth
• Energizing
• Mindfulness


Accountability & Reflection

• Navigate life’s challenges
• Shift perspective
• Stay disciplined

Hello, I’m Lyda…

a transformative coach dedicated to guiding you on a journey of holistic healing and self-discovery. With a background in acupuncture, EFT tapping, and Reiki, I integrate these powerful techniques to help you manage and process emotions, overcome limitations, and create a profound sense of peace and harmony. My mission is to empower you to achieve your fullest potential by removing obstacles and shifting your perspective, ultimately transforming your reality. When you work with me, you begin a path towards a balanced and fulfilling life, where change is not just possible but embraced.

A Word From Our Customers


Every time I see Lyda, I leave feeling lighter. Her positivity and warmth as she has guided me through my healing journey has been transformative. I look forward to every session with her and am so thankful to have her with me on this journey.



I have been getting tapping and reiki from Lyda for the past year. She genuinely cares about people and helped me tremendously with my life. We worked through my inner child and letting go of things that no longer served me as well as some breathing techniques to practice daily. Lyda is excellent at what she does, her compassion and empathy stretched far beyond what anyone can see. I truly elevated in all aspect of my life especially my spiritual practice, emotional and mental health. Lyda connected all the dots that I have been missing and brought clarity in my life by being a great listener and an amazing friend.


Lyda has made such a difference in my way of life over the past few months! Not only does she heal but she teaches as well and I find myself constantly using the tools I have been given through reiki and coaching with her. As someone who was previously a “nonbeliever” I am 100% converted and highly recommend trying a new method of treatment!


How do I get started?

You Book a free 30-minute consultation call with Dr. Lyda Kermani. During this call, you will discuss your main concerns and have the opportunity to schedule your first session.

What happens after the consultation call?

You will book your first session. Dr. Lyda Kermani will then create your personalized Transformative Plan, utilizing one or more of her techniques to address your specific needs.

What is the Transformative Plan?

The Transformative Plan is your roadmap to comprehensive healing—physically, emotionally, and mentally. It aims to help you overcome whatever issue or chief complaint you bring to the first session. Dr. Lyda Kermani will guide you towards full restoration using techniques such as coaching, acupuncture, EFT tapping, and Reiki.

How long is the Transformative Plan?

The duration depends on the depth and complexity of each client’s issues. On average, it spans 6-7 weeks, with sessions held twice a week.

How long does it takes to see results?

You may feel an improvement after the first session. However, real transformation typically occurs between 6 to 12 sessions.

Who is this for?

Our services are designed for individuals seeking a holistic approach to healing and personal growth. Whether you’re facing emotional challenges, physical pain,  specific health concerns or simply looking to enhance your overall harmony, our practice can support you.