Hi, I’m Lyda

Hello, I’m Lyda.
I could start by sharing my journey of hardship to see if it resonates with you, but the truth is, I only realized the extent of my struggles when I embarked on my spiritual path. I used to think that being spiritual equated to constant happiness, unfettered freedom, perpetual joy, and the ability to remain positive at all times. I believed I could ignore my limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, fears, traumas, and more. That’s what I believed, but I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

As I delved deeper into self-improvement, embracing love, positivity, shadow work, and meditation, I found myself confronting a deluge of emotions – sadness, anger, hopelessness, depression, anxiety – along with triggers and challenges. I questioned whether these experiences were truly beneficial or if they were causing me to regress.

However, I eventually grasped that this was all part of the healing process. This is what constitutes a spiritual journey and growth. It’s the highs and lows, the art of recognizing and releasing these emotions, and substituting old belief systems with new ones. I came to understand that emotions aren’t inherently good or bad; they’re messengers, indicating when our balance is disrupted. I realized that challenges aren’t inherently positive or negative; they grant us strength and wisdom. I learned that life is meant to be experienced in its entirety.

I discovered my purpose: to contribute to the collective well-being. But what does that mean exactly? It means shining a light on your inner self. When you’re stuck, triggered, feel confined, lost, bewildered, or devoid of purpose, there’s a reason behind it. Your soul is attempting to communicate with you. And I’m here to steer you. To hold a space for you. To guide you back to a place you once knew but may have forgotten.