Enhance Your Acupuncture Practice: Join Our Reiki Integration Certification Class

Event: Reiki Integration with Acupuncture Level 1 & 2
Date: July 27th and 28th
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: 3050 Rue D’Orleans, San Diego, CA 92110

Transform your acupuncture practice and offer your patients deeper healing

As an acupuncturist, you already possess a profound understanding of the body’s energy systems and a dedication to holistic healing. Now, take your practice to the next level by integrating Reiki, a complementary energy healing modality, with your acupuncture treatments.

What You Will Learn

Master the Foundations of Reiki

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Reiki principles and how they enhance acupuncture treatments.

Enhance Your Acupuncture Treatments

Integrate Reiki with acupuncture to amplify the efficacy of your sessions and deliver more profound healing.

Develop Intuitive Healing Skills

Hone your intuitive abilities to treat patients more holistically and protect your own energy.

Learn Energy Clearing and Protection

Acquire vital techniques for maintaining your energy balance and focus during treatments.

Address Pain and Trauma

Discover advanced methods for healing both physical pain and emotional trauma, enhancing patient outcomes.

Create Effective Treatment Plans

Develop treatment plans that yield quicker, more impactful results, boosting your professional confidence.

Reiki Integration with Acupuncture Level 1 & 2

This class is designed specifically for acupuncturists who are eager to expand their therapeutic toolkit and offer more comprehensive care to their patients, so you can:

Integrate Effortlessly

Seamlessly incorporate Reiki into your acupuncture treatments for a more holistic patient experience.

Develop Comprehensive Treatment Plans:

Craft treatment plans that address both physical ailments and energetic imbalances.

Elevate Patient Care:

Offer a deeper level of care that treats not just symptoms but the root causes of health issues.

Expand Your Practice:

Attract new clients seeking holistic health solutions by offering unique, integrated treatment options that differentiate your practice.

Class Structure

Reiki I Certification Class (Day 1)

Learn Reiki’s History and Applications: Understand how Reiki can complement your acupuncture practice.
Receive Reiki I Attunement: Get attuned to Reiki I, initiating your ability to channel Reiki energy.
Practice Reiki: Apply Reiki techniques on yourself and others, enriching your therapeutic approach.
Receive Materials and Certification: Take home a Reiki I manual and your Reiki I certificate to enhance your credentials.

Reiki II Certification Class (Day 2)

Receive Reiki II Attunement: Elevate your healing capacity with a Reiki II attunement.
Learn and Use Reiki Symbols: Integrate three powerful Reiki symbols to augment your acupuncture sessions.
Master Long Distance Reiki: Extend your healing capabilities beyond the physical space with remote Reiki techniques.
Facilitate Personal Growth: Leverage Reiki to support personal development and achieve therapeutic goals for your patients.
Receive Materials and Certification: Obtain a Reiki II manual and your Reiki II certificate to demonstrate your advanced training.

Meet the Host

Dr Lyda Kermani

Acupuncturist – Reiki Master – EFT Tapping Master

Join Us

Date: July 27th and 28th 

Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

Location: 3050 Rue D’Orleans, San Diego, CA 92110

This certification class is crafted exclusively for acupuncturists who wish to elevate their practice and provide more integrative care. Whether you are new to Reiki or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this class will equip you with valuable skills and insights to enhance your treatments immediately.